As you are aware, Hurricane Florence is gaining strength over the Atlantic. It is currently a Category IV hurricane, with sustained winds in excess of 130 mph. The entire South Carolina-North Carolina Coast will begin to experience tropical storm force winds early on Thursday morning. While we do not know exactly where the eye of the storm will make landfall, hurricane force winds will extend a hundred miles or more in every direction. Do not take this storm lightly, even if you are well inland of the storm. Even if we do not experience gale force winds at this location, you can expect torrential rain, well in excess of 10 inches or more.

It is likely that during the height of the storm, the leasing office will be closed, and we will be unable to provide immediate assistance if needed. Please prepare yourself for this possibility.

Prior to the storm, please take the following precautions:

  • Have a battery-operated radio on hand so you can keep updated on the most current conditions.
  • Clear off your balcony.
  • Place rolled up towels at the bottom of exterior doors and windows to limit wind-born rain intrusion.
  • Purchase enough food and other provisions to last for at least 2-3 days. An ice chest filled with ice is a good idea in the event power is lost for an extended period of time.
  • Especially in ground floor units, remove computers, televisions, and other valuable items off of the floor. In all units, remove these items from the vicinity of exterior doors and windows.
  • Make sure your renters insurance policy is paid and up to date. Take a written inventory of your valuable possessions, and take pictures of them. If you do not have renters insurance, it is unlikely you will be able to purchase it until after the storm passes.

During the storm:

  • Continue to stay updated on current and expected weather conditions.
  • Stay indoors! Even if the rain lets up and you must go outside, exercise extreme caution. Do not wade into deep water as hidden hazards may be present.
  • If power is lost during the storm, make sure all burners on your stove are in the ‘off’ position prior to restoration of service.

After the storm:

  • Use extreme caution while walking outdoors.
  • Wipe up as much water as you can that has seeped in under doors and windows.
  • Notify the office as soon as possible if you have water intrusion in your unit.
  • Notify your insurance carrier in the event you have sustained damage.

We would like to thank all of our residents in advance for their patience as the property staff will begins cleanup as soon as possible after the storm passes.

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