Hurricane season is now upon us. In case of a storm, please remember the following:

  • The safety of each resident, their family, and guests is the responsibility of the resident. Each resident is responsible for securing their apartment.
  • All items on your balcony, patio or front landing must be removed and secured inside of the apartment.
  •  Do not put tape on any windows. Tape does not prevent windows from breaking or glass from flying.
  • Review your renter’s and automobile insurance policies and make sure that they are up-to-date and coverage is adequate. The Landlord’s insurance does not cover any personal property of the resident.
  • Don’t be a sightseer after the storm. There may be downed power lines that are unseen. Metal fences may be electrified. Downed trees may hide exposed electrical wires. Stay safe!
  • Personnel will be on-site assessing damages to the exterior of the community. If you have experienced damage to the inside of your apartment, please make a list of the damages and bring this list to the leasing office. Repairs will be coordinated through the office and will be made on a priority basis. Security and safety will be at the top of the priority list.
  • If flooding has occurred in your apartment, move your belongings away from the flooded area or up off the floor when possible. Do not turn your circuit breakers back on if there is a possibility of electrocution. Notify the office in writing of the extent of the flooding.
  • Our community has a list of professional contractors that we will be using for any repairs needed after the storm. How quickly the repairs can be made is determined by the severity of the storm, how soon these contractors can arrive and the extent of the repairs needed. Our staff will greatly appreciate your understanding during this time if there are any delays.
  • Stock up on canned goods, pet food, medications, water, can opener, batteries, flashlight, candles, portable radio, first aid kit, etc….It’s better to be prepared beforehand.

Please take proper precautions and contact your property’s management office you have any questions!

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